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London - Berlin - Hamburg

Dee C'rell

London - Berlin - Hamburg

Dee C'rell [pronounced Dee Ce-Rell] was born in Hackney and grew up in Shoreditch, central London. He is a professional music composer, pianist and keyboard player, electroacoustic composer, installation artist, remixer, DJ, photographer, writer and academic.

Dee C'rell composes and releases music worldwide in a variety of genres and is a leading expert on contemporary electro-acoustic jazz, for which he is acknowledged for the coined terminology for academic study. Read more

Latest News

Dee C’rell is an exclusive artist of Imagem Music, one of the most prestigious music companies in the world.

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Latest Music

Anfang, the new three track E.P is now released and supported worldwide by both radio and international DJ’s.

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Latest Interview

You can read about Dee’s upbringing and how he became a musician while living in Hackney from his own words.

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Latest Compilation

The latest compilation albums to feature Dee C’rell are Ministry of Sound, KARE and Jockey Club, amongst others.

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Holm Records

Independent music label for releases and collaborations

Dee C’rell Electric Lounge Sessions
Dee C’rell Elektronische Kompositionen

Music Compilations

Exclusive worldwide compilations

Dee C’rell Ministry of Sounf
Dee C’rell Jockey Club
Dee C’rell Kare Royal Plastic

Audio Branding Clientele

Worldwide Variation

Dee C’rell Ministry of Sounf
Dee C’rell Jockey Club
Dee C’rell Kare Royal Plastic

Media - Film - Photography

You can find DJ sets by Dee C’rell as a guest DJ in one of the worlds renowned locations, exclusively at the Buddha Bar in Monte Carlo.

Dee C’rell ROBA

For Film and TV, you can find a selection of music from Dee C’rell at ROBA, one of the world’s most prestigious media and publishing companies.

Dee C’rell Photography

Dee C’rell is a recognised photographer. He has had images displayed in some of the many contempoary galleries in Europe.