Life Existence Radio Show - TopZen FM

Dee C’rell ・Holm Records

Dee C’rell and his Life Existence Radio Show explores a diverse selection of music from around the world in a multitude of genres. The show is considered the most eclectic radio show broadcasted at 9 PM CET, live across the city of Gent, Belgium, on 104.5 FM, and streamed digitally worldwide on the first Thursday of each month on Topzen FM.

VNR1 - Vienna Radio One - Dee C'rell

VNR1 - Vienna Radio One

Dee C’rell ・Holm Records

Developed from an original concept by Dee C’rell, VNR1 is a co-owned radio station in Vienna, Austria, which plays varying current electronic music from around the world. You can discover the history, the curators and founding members of the station here.